GB No. 3, winter 1990/91


The Workshop for All Beings - Station of Ecological Education (Pra cownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot - Stacja Edukacji Ekologicznej) is a group of people who have accepted the ideas of Deep Ecology. This includes working with ourselves to deepen our ecological consciousness, to see ourselves in other beings human and nonhuman and to work together with others.

We are trying to establish an ecological education center as a laboratory for this work and as a place for meetings and study - as a place for professional and intuitive work for Mother Earth. The location of the center is in the Wapienica valley where, after mass protest and direct action felling of trees was halted. The area around the center will change into an ecological park without any significant human actions ("Nature knows better").

Certain general principles we've accepted are: - the quest for one's own individual lifestyle which expresses understanding of the unity of all beings and processes - of the absolute value of life - of experience before speculation - that nature, body, mind are not independent and separate. We are trying to unite professional capacities and new hierarchy of values.

Workshop activities cover:

We aim to protect the wilderness in Poland, to promote a responsible kind of life and to educate people to protect the quality of all environ- ment, natural and cultural, but with- out an anthropocentric hierarchy of values.

Our address for correspondence:

Andrzej Janusz Korbel
ul. Magi 21/3
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
tel.: 30/71499
fax: (48)30/20448

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